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Termite Control

Termites are social insects. They are well-known for their wood feeding habit.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are usually omnivores other than that Cryptococcus which survive on wood.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes – one type of insects, come from the family called Culicidae.

Rodent Control

Prokil uses a natural imported product which is highly effective against rats and most of all 100% safe for humans and environment

Bed-Bug Control

With our thorough and effective Household Pest Control Solutions, we offer a perfect solution regarding the ecology, person's health, and more.

Lizard & Spider Control

Prokil uses a natural imported product which is highly effective on the Lizards and spider and most of all 100% safe for humans.

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Prokil Pest Control is one of the Best Pest Control Service providers in Chennai, We offer Industrial Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control and Residential pest control services in Chennai. With our Expertise in this field of More than a decade and a team of Professional and Experienced Staff, we are proud to have a list of satisfied clientele. With these years of experience, we have understood the demand of customers in preventing pests which cause harm to human beings. We offer various kinds of effective Pest Control Services like Termite control, Cockroach control, Mosquito control, rat control and for all other small insects.

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